The Fabric Water Bottle is our first cage-less bicycle bottle. You can carry this bottle on the bike even if it doesn't have a water bottle cage.

The Fabric Water Bottle is supplied with a pair of plastic studs, which replace your frame's bottle cage bolts.
Fitting the bottle is simply a matter of sliding the bottle's two grooves so it mates with the two studs.
Given that the two studs weigh just 3g, the Fabric Water Bottle saves you around 50g (the average weight of a bottle cage).
Removing the cage(s) helps maintain the clean lines of your bike.
A second pair of studs come supplied so you can easily share the bottle between two bikes.
BPA free and boasting a wide screw top and a tooth-friendly pop-up stopper, the bottle is well made by Fabric - the people who make similarly clever, minimal saddles.


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